Bettor Solutions presents the
Mini-Dutch & ParlayTester Programs
(Complete with full-color manuals!)

Currently there are two free programs available - one for Dutching and one for Parlaying. ..  

The Mini-Dutch Program
This is a handy little Dutching program that will let you play up to four horses in the same race. The program is very small and easy to use. It lets you select a bet size fron $20 to $200 and shows you the amount to bet on each of the picks - rounded off to the nearest dollar.

The new 2004 version has been improved to handle exotic wagers! The "Use Payoffs" button has been added to allow you to enter the "Probable Payoffs" for Daily Doubles, exactas and other types of exotic wagers.

The program also shows the profit and Return-on-Investment for the bet so you can decide if the payoff is worth the risk.

Here is a screen shot of Mini-Dutch in action. We're playing three picks to win at odds of 3:1, 4:1, 5:1 and 9/2. Our bet size is $100.00 and the program shows exactly how much of the $100 we need to bet on each of the four picks.

If any of the four picks wins we will make a profit of $25.00 on the bet (a 25% ROI).

The Parlay Tester Program
The Parlay Tester is a powerful little program based on the Daily Parlay Computer - a program that comes with the PARLAYMASTER and Playing the Percentages.

If you've taken my crash course in Parlays you already know that the system depends on your ability to have a few good days now and then and let the power of the parlay make up for all the bad ones. For those of you who just aren't sure how good a day you need to have in order to make a killing with parlays, this program is just what you need to see for yourself.

The example above shows a 6-race parlay with 4 wins and two losses. The mutuel payoffs have been entered as well as a starting bankroll of $150.00. While not a real spectacular day, the ParlayTest program has calculated a parlay that will more than double the Return-on-Investment of flat bets. Plug in your own results and you may be surprised at what you can do with parlays.

To make real use out of your results, of course, you will have to learn my Parlaymaster method and use the full-blown ParlayMonth programs that come with the book. But after experimenting with the ParlayTest Program you will be certain that Parlaymaster can make a big improvement to your profit.

Download the Programs
Windows versions work on all versions from Win95 to XP
Mac versions will work on any PPC with OS-8/9 or OS-X
Both programs come with complete full color
instruction manuals
in PDF format!
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